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In France it is simple to complicate things, but complicated to simplify them

Our firm has extensive experience addressing the challenges international companies face when conducting business with the French. Many have found it incredibly challenging to close deals and navigate the complexities of the French tax and legal systems. Let us simplify your business operations in France and the European Union. Our firm assists foreign companies with all legal issues pertaining to their setup and development, ensuring a smooth and successful integration into the French and European market.

Start your company

Launch your company with complete confidence

Start your company

We assist international companies with the establishment of branch offices (“succursales”), representative offices (“bureaux de représentation”) or any type of commercial or non-commercial company (“SAS”,”SARL”,”SCI” etc.), ensuring a compliant and efficient legal setup in France. Our services include drafting the articles of association and shareholders’ agreements, advising on corporate governance: specifically the relationship between corporate officers, the executive committee, and the shareholders. We assist you in formalizing cash contributions, in-kind contributions, or contributions of services. We advise you on tax matters related to the company’s legal form; the legal, tax and social status of executive officers, completion of formalities, and more.

Manage your company

Ensure seamless company management in France

Manage your company

Your company is a legal entity with its own independent existence that evolves alongside your business activities: increase or reduction of share capital, the entry of a new shareholder, shareholders’ agreements, reduction of share capital, transformation into an SAS or SARL, dissolution and liquidation of the company, cessation of business activities, merger, or universal transfer of assets. Benefit from professional legal support to secure and manage the legal aspects of your operations and the development of your business.


Negotiate and secure your agreements


We draft and assist you in negotiating all your French and international contracts. We can provide bilingual versions of the agreements to accommodate both French and international clients. Our approach takes into account the multicultural aspects of negotiations and the specificities of different legal systems. We meticulously draft appropriate clauses on applicable law, competent jurisdiction, exequatur procedures, Incoterms, force majeure, hardship clauses, material adverse change (MAC) clauses, novation, amendments, arbitration, termination, and more. Whether you are engaging in cross-border transactions or local agreements, we ensure that all legal aspects are thoroughly addressed to protect your interests and facilitate successful business operations.

Intellectual property

Protect your rights in France and Europe

Intellectual property

France is a hub of innovation, creativity, and R&D. Protecting your artistic and creative rights, designs, patents, or trademarks in France and across Europe is essential when exporting, setting up a franchise, or establishing a subsidiary. Artists and startups also need robust legal strategies to defend against counterfeiting, piracy, and copyright infringement. Our law firm excels in advising on all intellectual property matters in France and Europe. We have extensive experience assisting international firms with their IP needs, ensuring your assets are safeguarded globally. Our expertise includes complex intellectual litigation, managing international trademark portfolios, and negotiating IP licensing agreements in France and the European Union. We are proficient in both French and European intellectual property law, providing tailored solutions to protect and enforce your rights.

Corporate transactions

selling or acquiring

Corporate transactions

We assist international companies with all aspects of corporate transactions related to the sale or acquisition of companies or any type of business assets in France. Our services include conducting negotiations to secure the best terms, precise valuation of the business or assets, in-depth contractual audits to identify potential risks, assistance in sourcing and structuring appropriate financing, calculating the fair price and defining payment conditions, advising on regulatory activities, suspensive conditions, transfer of employees, contracts, leases, trademarks, websites, escrow, and non-compete clauses, optimizing the tax impacts of the transaction, and managing administrative and legal procedures following the sale. Our expertise ensures a secure transaction that aligns with your interests while maximizing the value of your operation.


Negotiations, settlements and litigation


Unfair competition, conflict with a shareholder, termination of commercial relations, breach of an agreement… You must act, quickly and pragmatically.
We focus on a proactive approach. Our firm advises, represents and defends your company in front of French courts with a clearly defined litigation strategy.
Settlement does not belong to the French traditional judiciary mindset. Few French lawyers are familiar with the alternative methods of settling disputes under civil and commercial law (“Modes Alternatifs de Règlement des Différents”). Strongly influenced by my experience in Foreign Affairs and the philosophy of Budo, I favor negotiations if they are in your interest. You should be willing to try the case yet ready to settle.

client success stories and case highlights

International SaaS Agreements with French Listed Corporation

We assisted an Anglo-Portuguese SaaS company in negotiating and drafting a series of contracts with its largest client, a French publicly listed company. The contracts included a master partnership agreement, a license agreement, an agile software development agreement, a proof of concept development agreement, a service level agreement, a data privacy policy, and an IT security contract. Although the contracts were drafted in English, they were governed by French law. Our team ensured the meticulous drafting of these agreements in close cooperation with the legal department of the French company, fostering a win-win scenario. We explained the key clauses to our client, highlighting the differences between French law and common law, particularly regarding liability. Both the client and the French company were delighted to finalize these agreements, ensuring a sustainable and robust partnership.

Enforcement of Debt Recovery for a Bulgarian Company in France

We successfully represented a Bulgarian company in a dispute with a French client who had failed to pay for goods delivered in France, amounting to several tens of thousands of euros. The contract between the parties did not specify the applicable law or competent jurisdiction. Leveraging our expertise in the Brussels I bis Regulation, we identified the appropriate jurisdiction and applicable law and initiated a European Payment Order procedure. The French company contested the order. We prevailed in the proceedings before the Commercial Court, securing a judgment compelling the French company to settle all outstanding invoices and awarding substantial damages to our client. Following the judgment, we promptly executed a garnishment, enabling our client to recover the owed funds. Consequently, the French company was placed into liquidation.

International Subcontracting Agreement with Spain and Belgium in the Agribusiness sector

We assisted a French company in the negotiation and drafting of international subcontracting agreements with Spanish and Belgian companies in the agri-food sector. The contracts included complex clauses such as recipe protection as trade secrets, liability of the parties in case of non-compliance of the products, logistics, and a price revision clause to account for the high volatility in the prices of certain ingredients. Initially, the parties had very different views on the drafting of the contracts; we enabled all signatories to find a balanced compromise while protecting their partnership.

Amicable Settlement with French, American, and German Companies in the Oil and Gas Industry

We helped a French oil and gas company negotiate a settlement with its American suppliers over a dispute about damaged equipment deliveries. The French company also had potential liability issues with a German client. The dispute involved several hundred thousand euros. Thanks to our expertise in international commercial law and contract law, and our understanding of the American and German business environments, we successfully assisted the French company in quickly negotiating and finalizing an amicable agreement with its German client and American suppliers.

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